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Nail Polish Ornaments

Nail Polish Painted Ornaments are a great way for tweens and teens to craft up something pretty for the Christmas tree! These are easy and economical with supplies from the dollar tree for a fun decoration to share this holiday season.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I make a commission. I have a tendency to hoard nail polish. I can't buy just one color. I am compelled to buy them all. As I was browsing my collection, I realized I could be doing so many things with my nail polish, and I wanted to try using it for decorations!

I picked 2 pretty shades, specifically one with confetti, and grabbed a 2 pack of ornaments from the dollar store.

First, I carefully removed the top. Then I poured in a touch of each nail polish.

The first attempt at this craft, taught me an important lesson. You must allow this to dry before replacing the cap, or the nail polish will remain liquid. To dry the polish, I recommend blow drying on the cool setting for about 2 min…

The Best Gifts for Harry Potter Fans


30+ Galaxy Gifts for Her

This post does contain affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Galaxy hair, galaxy suckers, galaxy leggings.... it is no secret that chicks like me are seeing stars!
Lucky for you, if you want to buy me, or a special girl on your nice list, an out of this world cool gift, I have compiled a list of a gift ideas that will leave everyone seeing stars!

Galaxy Print Leggings

Galaxy Dress

Galaxy Hoodie

Galaxy Sneakers

Meteorite Wall Clings

Galaxy Shower Curtain

Nebula Plasma Ball

Rotating Galaxy Night Light

Star Projector

Galaxy Pillowcases

Galaxy Sheet Set

Galaxy Quilt

Galaxy Throw

Galaxy Lollipops

Astronaut Ice Cream

Galaxy Chocolate

Planet Pops

Nebula Cell Phone Stand and Grip

Galaxy Mousepad

Space Shuttle in Perpetual Motion

3d Solar System

Galaxy Printed Duct Tape

Galaxy Gift Wrap

Galaxy Fanny Pack

Space Inspired Bracelet

Galaxy Earrings

Nasa Photo Nebula Necklace

Nebula Pendant

Geek Sparkle Nebula Make Up

Thanksgiving Dinner Sandwich

There is no shame in my game. I get way too excited about Thanksgiving! The actual meal is pretty wonderful, but the days and days of leftovers are what dreams are made of for me!
There are so many ways to serve them, but my favorite is the Thanksgiving Dinner Sandwich! I like to serve this on croissants. The flakiness adds so much yum to this! 

This sandwich can be made anyway you like it, with whatever leftovers you have on hand.
I like to stick to the basics, but my husband adds the veggies to his!

To make the Thanksgiving Dinner Sandwich, Sara Style: Cut a Croissant in half. Add a layer of stuffing, a drizzle of gravy, Then top with turkey and another drizzle of gravy. Pop in the microwave for about a minute and a half, or better yet, warm in a 350 degree oven for about 13-15 minutes.

This is the way to eat your leftovers on a crusty, flaky open face sandwich! You will need a knife and fork for this one!

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

A Visit to the Topiary Park of Columbus

Columbus Ohio is one of our go-to places for family fun. The city has so much to offer to families. From the Columbus Museum of Art to the awesome playgrounds for kids, there is always something to do in Columbus!

A few weeks ago we attended Brick Universe, to the delight of my Lego loving kids. After we had taken the time to play with all kinds of legos and browse the vendors, we decided to take in the Topiary Park of Columbus on Town Street. This is such a lovely little spot in the city. If you have never been, you are really missing out on something amazing.

Giving my kids exposure to art is important to me. Both kids love to sculpt with playdough and they both love to draw. Encouraging their love of the arts keeps them interested in creating! A little-known fact is that as a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I often wonder what might have been if only someone told me to keep sketching or had taken me to a fashion week kind of thing...

So, as we arrived at the Park, and fou…

11 Truffle Recipes to Make

The path to my heart is paved with decadent things; soft pillows, sweet smelling flowers,  a warm animal to pet and truffles are a few of the things that can turn me to a puddle of mush!

This holiday season I have intentions to make and share some amazing truffles with my friends and family. You know what they say about intentions, so it is debatable whether my truffles will actually be shared, or if I will over indulge and then act like I didn't make any... HA!

This post contains affiliate links.
I found some amazing truffle recipes that sound fantastic! I can't decide if I should make one, two, or all of them!

Fudge Round Truffles by Shaken Together Life
Oreo Buckeye Truffles by Baking Beauty
Dark Chocolate Pistachio Truffles by Kleinworth & Co
Pumpkin Cookie Truffles by Club Chica Circle
Dulche De Leche Truffles by Thrifty Diva
Mudball Truffles by Creations by Kara
Red Velvet Truffles by Create Craft Love
Mint Oreo Truffles by Simplistically Living
Brazilian Coconut Truffles by …